Found an Interactive Map of Spartacus’ Battles On Google Maps. Day, made.

History Kicks Ass!

Found An Interactive Map on Spartacus While I Was Looking Up Directions On Google.  Day, made.

Oh. My. Goodness.  There goes my productivity this morning.  Here’s an interactive map of Spartacus’ battles.

Each battle is marked with the original ancient name of the city (*sigh*) and comes with an info bubble about the battle.  The information is from Wikipedia and a magazine article on Spartacus’ battles.

Last week, Google Maps told me to turn left when that would have meant driving off an overpass.  Well, thanks to this map of Spartacus’ battles, all is now forgotten!

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Twitter and Ancient History?

No, Twitter is not just for posting a 140 character description of the food you are eating at the moment. It is much more powerful than that! We history buffs can use Twitter to connect, and share ideas, thoughts, and pictures. With so many users utilizing this social media outlet, we can all learn from each other about ancient history. How? Well let me show you:

Using Twitter to Expand your Interest and Knowledge in Ancient History

Hopefully this brief tutorial can give you insight on how to use Twitter to your advantage, both as a research and study tool regarding ancient history. Use Twitter to your advantage!