Twitter: Communicating Locally and Globally

Twitter? yes, Twitter.

Twitter is generally viewed as an irrelevant social media outlet, most often utilized by young (mostly female) adults and teens. With a 140 character limit what purpose could it serve beyond posting truncated personal thoughts about the game last night, and the like?

At one time, I would have agreed with you. But then I realized the potential of Twitter for successful social (and yes, professional) communication. Let’s check out why Twitter can be a powerful communication tool:

  • Global Scale: Okay, so it’s big. What’s my point? Twitter gives the ability to connect globally with friends, family, and colleagues. But Twitter isn’t merely social. More and more business owners, entrepreneurs, and celebrities are turning to Twitter to connect with the world.
  • Connecting: Twitter is a powerful tool for connecting globally and locally; use it to connect with professionals and experts.
  • Communication: With the traditional ‘tweet’ and direct messaging, you can share your thoughts, ideas, pictures, videos, links, and posts to the world!

So, stop thinking of Twitter as useless, and start viewing it as it is: a powerful instrument of communication, even in the field of Greek and Roman studies.